our story

In 2018 Kariem El Kenawi was inspired in Berlin by the fact that there weren’t any healthy fast-food concepts. He realized that the community was suffering by lack of healthy options in the hospitality industry. This made him contact his good friend Ricardo Hekers with the question to seek a solution together.

It was Ricardo who raised the main question: how are we able to create a concept which is accessible, healthy and sustainable at the same time. They believed that soup would be the ultimate answer. From there they decided to travel to Asia, where soup finds its origin. It was Hong Kong where they felt the need of creating a soup-to-go concept which should perfectly fit the 24/7 economy. It was then and there that they created Soup Bros. They both share the passion to let people have exceptional experiences. Ricardo was trained by Michelin Starred Chefs around the globe. He therefore enriches the concept with culinary creations. In addition, Kariem worked in various luxurious hotels and restaurants worldwide. For this reason, he enhances the concept with extraordinary service.

They decided to provide healthy soups which can be obtained in the most convenient way possible. They are convinced that Soup Bros. can make a greater positive impact than they would be able to do on their own.

what we believe

With the wisdom of the past, the techniques of today and our vision for the future, we make a commitment to create healthy soups. These soups have a positive impact on the health of people and our planet. We guarantee this by serving a 100% plant-based menu. Our chefs dedicate themselves to ensure and improve our quality. It’s our goal to let people enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs without any additives or added sugars. With our Garden of Inspiration, we develop new recipes. We also support responsible farmers who can provide us with organically grown vegetables and herbs.

At Soup Bros. we don’t believe in boundaries. The world belongs to all of us. It is for this reason, that we do not exclude anyone or anything. Everyone is welcome. Regardless of religion, origin, creed, status, race, sexual persuasion and the disadvantaged.