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Soup bros. catering

Seasonal Soup, Fresh Bread, Homemade Herb Butter from 3,75 p.p (ex. VAT)


Are you or do you know someone who is in charge of a company, party or event? Do you want to contribute to a better planet and at the same time treat your employees to healthy soups? Then see what Soup Bros. Catering can do for your organization.

Soup Bros. delivers a complete lunch for your employees and/or guests. We are breaking new ground here and think it’s time for healthy food in the workplace. Are you also done with the standard sandwich, all kinds of sweets and fatty snacks?

With Soup Bros. Catering, we guarantee your daily intake of vegetables in the form of a serving of soup filled with vitamins and fiber. All our soups are free of sugars and additives, making our soups 100% natural. We grow our vegetables and herbs organically in our own vegetable garden. With our soups you know that you are doing good and healthy!

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How does it work?

  1. Order below
  2. Tell us which soup(s) you want to order
  3. Please tell us the number of people (min. 10)
  4. Give address, date and time desired
    (Limburg + Eindhoven region) by (min. 10)
  5. Max. 1 day in advance until 18:00 order
  6. Questions? Then call:  +316 225 101 16
  7. Didn’t work out? Contact us!

What you get:

  1. Seasonal Soup
  2. Fresh Multigrain Bread
  3. Home-made Herbal butter
  4. Bio Soup cups
  5. Bio spoons 

Catering prices:

  • From 10 persons: 4,75 p.p.
  • From 25 persons: 4,50 p.p.
  • From 50 persons: 4,25 p.p.
  • From 75 persons: 4,00 p.p.
  • From 100 persons: 3,75 p.p.
alle prices are VAT Excluded 

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